Next Generation
Information Security Solutions

MatrixShield Series

All in One


We predict most modern cyber attacks. The MatrixShield Series perform attack prevention, malware detection, privacy protection, content filtering, and many other useful functions.


We aim at providing information security solutions while sacrificing no convenience.


We offer solutions at affordable prices. The series are suitable for all types of organizations and end users.


It can be deployed within a few seconds. There is no complex configuration.

Our Beliefs

Security should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
High Tech & Innovative Solutions

We are information security experts. We have continuously researched security at top organizations for years.
At CloudCoffer, we believe all people should easily enjoy a secure environment.
No matter for business or individual, we provide information security shortcuts.

  • Professional

    We are a team of information security experts.

  • Reliable

    Your satisfaction is our duty.

  • Open

    All we do is open. There is no hidden threat.

  • Transparent

    We set up all security features whether you are knowledgeable about security or not.

John Holiday

Deputy President
This is the most exciting information security product we have ever used. It’s easy, useful, and the team members are awesome.

Sarah Wilkinson

Home User
You have saved us much time and expense securing home. Thank you!

Alvin McDaniel

Senior Manager
I have been monitoring logs of malicious behavior using the product. Keep doing the awesome work!

Takashi Ito

I like how the products work as a customized way. They have effectively fortified our intranets.

About Us

Board Members

Sandra Yeh

Sandra is the CEO and founder of CloudCoffer LLC. She believes security can bring more innovation, and she is driven by the mission to improve people’s quality of life.

Chris Huang

Vice President
Chris is an IT expert in information security. He graduated from National Taiwan University, and he enjoys creating innovative ideas.

Sean Lin

Sean has been in the industry of information security for years. He believes there should be solutions for all people to enjoy life and worry about nothing.

William Chang

Creative Director
William is taking care of providing creative vision, doing novel research and inventing future in CloudCoffer. He enjoys interacting with people and helping everyone solve problems.